Our Affiliates


As your exclusive source for Wilson-Hurd products in Canada, we can offer a wide array of products including custom fabrication and decoration, point-of-purchase display and cosmetic packaging components, formed in-mould decorated inserts (IMD), custom membrane switches, specialized switching technologies such as PiezoPanels® and Duraswitch®PushGate® Panels, and engineering services.


In Mould Decorating (IMD)

With our new affiliate Wilson-Hurd, Nimbus Graphics can supply state of the art formed In Mould Decorated inserts. for a variety of film-insert molding (FIM) applications including, automotive, cosmetic packaging, appliances, and telecommunications. All printing of graphics is done to the back, or second surface providing the ultimate protection from scratching and peeling. This application is the ideal solution if you need:

  • Formed buttons and appliqués
  • Three dimensional parts
  • Parts requiring tightly registered graphics
  • Parts requiring back-lighting or multiple colors